You Can’t Go Wrong

Tuesday 7:05 PM

After the most amazing spring break I’ve ever had in Miami I completely forgot to go to a restaurant last weekend to blog about. On Tuesday I went to Shintori Sushi on upper state with my dad, a family favorite restaurant.

Parking is somewhat difficult. There are not many parking spaces on the curb next to the restaurant so most people generally park in the CVS parking lot right across the street. There is usually no wait to be seated unless its the weekend. My dad and I were seated and were given the menu.
I wanted to try something different than normal. I usually get a combo with teriyaki chicken and tempura when I go there, but for the blog I decided to order the Mambo Roll with two pieces of tuna sushi. My dad ordered the Tie-Dye roll (a very popular roll) as well as two pieces of eel, and tuna sushi. The Mambo roll is a roll of sushi with albacore, avocado, tuna, and drizzled with shintori sauce and sesame seeds. Also, on each sides of the roll there are pieces of shrimp tempura. I loved this dish so much. The best part about the Mambo roll was that it came with a bit of a kick which I don’t normally see in sus  hi dishes (unless you add wasabi). The service was fine. It did take a while to make the rolls, but it wasn’t bothersome to wait a while. The atmosphere was satisfactory. There was chatter, but not loud at all. Although, the location of the restaurant isn’t very favorable because of the parking. I always get two pieces of tuna with everything when I go to sushi restaurants because they are always just so good. You can never really go wrong with sushi. It’s great because it doesn’t have to fill you up, it’s delicious, and its very affordable. Overall the best type of food in my opinion.

The food is unbelievably good here. The food definitely compensates for the location. I couldn’t believe how much flavor was packed into such a little piece. Definitely recommend Shintori Sushi to and sushi lover.

Food: 5/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 4/5


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