Tasty Taco’s

Saturday 1:41 PM

Right after a tough loss in a tennis tournament I participated in, I decided to fit in a blog trip on a fairly busy day. I wanted to make it a short trip, and I was craving Mexican food, so I decided on heading to Lilly’s Taqueria on the end of Chapala St.

I originally wanted to go to Mony’s Taqueria, but the line was way too long so I said forget it and we went to Lilly’s. I haven’t been to Lilly’s since I was in elementary school because my parents owned a clothing company right next to Lilly’s. It was an extremely nostalgic experience. To start, the parking was no problem, there are tons of parking spaces around the area. The line was fairly short considering what time it was. Once it was our turn to order, I ordered 3 asada tacos while my brother ordered 1 chicken, 1 asada, and 1 fajita taco. Once we had our number, we took the only available seat there was in the restaurant. The wait was very short. It took around 3 minutes for our number to be called. My brother and I picked up our tacos and went to the condiment cart. I added a ton of cilantro, lime, and salsa verde to my tacos, as did my brother. I couldn’t believe the taste. How could something so simple be so delicious? The tacos were easy to handle, delicious to eat. The tacos were unbelievable. I loved every bite. The service was very fast, and efficient. Some of the best quality service. I would highly recommend  Lilly’s Taqueria for any Mexican food lover. You will not regret it. The atmosphere is great. You can’t really complain. Located at the end of Chapala St. right next to the freeway, there is a lovely interior that is sure to suit anyone’s needs. There is a bit of noise in the restaurant, but it is not so bothersome.

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5





Thank you for reading this weeks blog post on Lilly’s Taqueria. If you have been there, let me know how your experience went in the comments.


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