A Late Start’s Start

Thursday, 8:17 AM

I had to come up with a last minute resort for my blog post this week, so I did what I normally do on block days and head to The Daily Grind on De La Vina.

It’s one of my favorite coffee shops around Santa Barbara. Very rustic, and hip. There are a ton of parking spots around the place so there’s no problem when you come to work on a homework assignment and have a nice coffee. Of course they have WiFi so you can bring your computer to do work and such. The outside is amazing. Couldn’t have been designed any better. There are very many seating places and it all around looks great. The line normally isn’t long, but it is worst when its morning time, (for obvious reasons). I normally get a regular coffee with a lemon poppy seed muffin or almond croissant. They have many selections of coffee from light to dark. I personally prefer dark coffee, so I go with the French Roast coffee. The employees are all very welcoming and nice. Their personalities are very uplifting. Once you get your cup, you fill up your coffee and add your sugar and milk at a stand right next to the coffee. Very convenient and organized process. You can also tell that thepastries were made that morning from how fresh they are. I normally grab and go to school so I can get there in time, even though I usually arrive 10 minutes early. The Daily Grind is very lay-back and a chill environment. I haven’t gone there for working on assignments, but I feel like I will soon. The atmosphere is your average coffee shop. Bits of chatter, sounds of machines, and funky music. I’m giving The Daily Grind such a generous review because of its convenience, gracious employees,and really good coffee.

Food: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Thanks for reading this post on The Daily Grind. Let me know your thoughts of this coffee shopdown in the comments if you’ve been.


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