Serving Up an Ace

Wednesday 3:15

Right after school, I go to a clinic 3 days a week at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club. Since I haven’t done my blog post yet I thought that it would be convenient to post this week about the food at the Tennis Club.

I don’t think that you even have to be a member of the club to eat there. Instead of filling out the slip of what you want to eat, you can just pay with cash. So right before playing tennis, I went and ordered a grilled spicy chicken sandwich. I’ve known the chefs at the cafe ever since I was a member, so from my experience, the employees are super nice. Normally for every meal you order there, it would take around 5-10 minutes wait time depending on what you order. For sandwiches, it’s somewhere in the middle. One of my favorites on the menu that I recommend to everyone would be the grilled asparagus salad. It’s probably the best salad I’ve ever had. Anyway, they give you a buzzer so you know when your order is ready immediately. It’s also nice to order food there because it comes with sides of tortilla chips which is always nice. They also have an array of snacks that they sell right outside so you can pick and choose. The spicy chicken sandwich is amazing. It’s not too spicy, but it’s just enough so you get a little burn. It’s just so convenient to go to the club and play tennis at around 11:00 and when you’re done you can have a great lunch by the pool. Or you could eat in the lobby and watch a professional game of tennis that they display on their T.V. So whether you want to play a friendly game of tennis, take a swim in the pool, eat an appetizing lunch, get an intense workout, or just sit and watch a game of tennis. The Tennis Club will settle your needs.

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Atmosphere: 5/5





Thanks for reading my blog post on The Santa Barbara Tennis Club Cafe. If you’ve been to the tennis club, how was your experience?


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