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Monday 6:42File_003 (7)


After a tennis clinic I attended earlier that day, me and my dad went to a restaurant that we’ve never visited before. He really wanted to go to an Italian place, so we researched and found Petrini’s Italian Restaurant. Unknowingly it has been making the oldest pizza in Santa Barbara.

We parked in the CVS parking lot, which was the same parking lot we used to go to Shintori Sushi. The restaurant is right across the street from the parking lot which is convenient. When you walk in, you are supposed to wait to be seated byFile_004 (6) a waitress. Immediately you recognize the relaxed atmosphere. There wan’t much people, and the room was very relaxed. I decided on having a custom made pizza with the topping basil and pineapple (the best pizza topping). My dad ordered the white fish which came with a small portion of pasta as well. Our waitress was very nice to us, and even cracked a few jokes now and then which was pretty funny. The service was great, but the food seemed average. After about 10 minutes of waiting for our food it finally arrived and looked great. My pizza was served on a pan very steamy, while my dads fish was served on a medium sized plate with some pasta around it. The food tasted pretty mediocre to me. I came having high expectations froFile_000 (13)m recently discovering that it’s the oldest served pizza in Santa Barbara, yet nothing really special about this Italian restaurant stood out. The rustic decor inside the restaurant made you see how old it truly is, yet the food didn’t wow us. I feel as if we could have ordered Giovanni’s and would have been more pleased by the pizza. I’m not saying that the pizza was bad in any way, it was just not very special. All in all, the food wasn’t special, the service was fantastic, and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable.

Food: 2/5File_001 (10)

Service: 5/5

Atmosphere: 4File_002 (7)/5





Thanks for reading my blog on Petrini’s Pizza! If you’ve been to this restaurant, let me know how your experience went.


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