Exceptional Edomasa

Tuesday, 7:56 PM

I really didn’t know where to go for my final blog. It was kind of in a hurry because I was hungry and no one else in my family was, so I biked to Edomasa. I’ve only been there once like 3 years ago with my family. My dad and I enjoyed it, but my mom didn’t.

All I remember from that last time eating there was that we sat on the sushi bar, and the food was great. Eating there again after a very long time I got a completely different feeling. I sat down at the same sushi bar as last time. I ordered the Edomasa house special. This came with 5 pieces of california roll, tempura, chicken, salad and rice. I also got a side of tuna maguro which are the little pieces of tuna sushi layered on top of a ball of rice. Before ordering this, I asked a lot of questions to one lady because I felt the menu was confusing a bit, and she helped me a lot. She was very sweet when she talked and didn’t seem bothered by my questions. The food took about 5 minutes (not long at all) and it came in 2 separate plates. One for the tempura, salad, rice, and chicken, and the other for the california roll and maguro sushi. There wasn’t many people in the restaurant at all. I think its because it was a Tuesday night and they close at 12, so most people I assume would show up a lot later for their dinner. Because of the small amount of people in the restaurant, it had a very chill atmosphere with very little chatter in the room. In all honesty, the food was not a great as I remembered it. Sure, the sushi and chicken was good and all, but nothing stood out than the other sushi bars in Santa Barbara. The only thing that I enjoyed more at Edomasa than any other restaurant was the Tuna maguro. It was a lot more fresh and they must have put something different in their rice because it tasted a lot different than the rice at other restaurants, but in a good way. All in all, the service and atmosphere were the most memorable about Edomasa, but nothing incredible stood out to me.

Food: 2/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

Service: 3/5


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